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About Yazhi

Yazhi is a ferocious animal.
Yazhi was trusted as Yazhi were lived in an ancient Tamil civilization. Yazhi has three types, magara yazhi (Goat head), simma Yazhi (Lion head) and Yaanai Yazhi (elephants head). These three types of Yazhi has a common body part structure i.e., all of these legs would be like lion legs and body representing horse structure. Yazhi is a very powerful animal,it was helped to humans in ancient days which was used for wars. Because of these reasons, ancient tamilians sculptured Yazhi statue in a beautiful way in their temples .. So, in the 16th century Yazhi became a prominent in South Indian sculptures.

About Company

We create functional, beautiful interiors for our clients.
YAZHI BUILDERS began in the year of 2016 while working of RR Constructions.A Single proprietary ownership,began the idea of establishing a project of their own and with the knowledge gained and a background in the field Civil Engineering gave the confidence towards construction engineering.

The word YAZHI is derived from South Indian temple architecture in which it is considered as a mythical legend compromising of Lion and Elephant meaning Bold,Strong,Majestic all in one which is exactly what YAZHI BUILDERS represent.

Our Mission & Vision